Iselann-Moss Industries, Cranston RI, custom molded polyurethane and silicone parts manufacturer, USA
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Iselann-Moss Industries, Inc.

About Iselann-Moss Industries, Inc.

Iselann-Moss Industries Inc., custom molded polyurethane and silicone parts manufacturer, Cranston RI, USA
Iselann-Moss Industries, Inc.

Materials and Systems

Iselann-Moss Industries uses the casting process of molding polyurethane and silicone. The castable grades are somewhat superior in their physical properties than either the thermoplastic or millable gum grades. Further, no fillers or extenders are used to favor economy over quality. We ensure that optimum physical properties of the design material are maintained and that all grades are formulated to suit a product's design requirements.

Meticulous attention to detail – from design, to mixing, casting and finishing, to shipping, down to simple housekeeping – sets Iselann-Moss Industries apart and assures our customers of the very best in quality and service.

The Industries We Serve

Iselann-Moss Industries has been serving industry since 1969, and continues to add to its diverse and expanding client base. Some of those industries and the products we manufacture for them are:

Textiles: Roll covering using polyurethane for its wear resistance property, silicone for heat resistance and/or high release properties and regard to adhesives and backing laminates.

Plastics: Blown film and extruded sheet processes using pull rolls, nip rolls, backup rolls, suction rolls, laminating rolls.

Offset Printing Rolls and Spare Parts:
Splicer, Infeed stations - Foam splicer rolls , vacuum bars , vacuum rolls , accelerator rolls, infeed rolls and accumulator rolls. Chill Roll, Folder, Sheeter stations - Nip rolls, trolleys, slitters, jaw blades, tucker blades, perforator bars, cutting bars , cam-off wheels, segmented wheels, and cheekwoods .

Screen Printing: Highest quality squeegee blades for screen printing of electronic circuit boards.

Transfer Pad Printing- Silicone Print Pads
For writing instruments, medical products, novelty items, clothing, and plastic articles of all kinds. Custom contoured silicone printing surfaces produced specifically for superb ink release and long wearing properties.

Our expertise is available to you. There is no cost or commitment involved to inquire; it could be the best decision you make today. For more information on how we may serve you, please contact us.

Industrial Roll Covering

Machine Rolls For All Applications

Core fabrication and finished roll sizes up to 36" in diameter and 12' overall length; Journal repair, as needed. Wide selection of elastomers available: polyurethane, silicone, EPDM Hypalon, Neoprene, Buna-N, etc.

  • Accelerator Rolls
  • Chill Rolls
  • Infeed Rolls
  • Metering Rolls
  • Nip Rolls
  • Splice (Bump) Rolls
  • Split Nip Pinch Pulleys Rolls
  • Vacuum Rolls
  • Vibrator Rolls
  • Glue Rolls

Accessory Parts For Web Press Applications

  • Anvils
  • Cutting Bars (sticks)
  • Pull Bands
  • Jaw Blades (with or without urethane or tungsten edges)
  • Knife Boxes (new complete, or converted to use soft cheekwoods)
  • Creaser Pulleys
  • Perforator Pulleys
  • Tucker Blades
  • Vacuum Bars
  • Web Slitters


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Toll-Free: 1-888-463-7655
Phone: 401-463-5950